New digital limit switch, DES10+


GfA introduces a new type of limit switch, type: DES10+. The DES 10+ (①) is equipped with a new housing and serves as a platform for additional functions.

The new digital limit switch is a key component for the realisation of ELECTROMATES 4.0 (②), a multifunctional door operator as a building block for the intelligent door of the future (③).



Like GfA's already well-known digital limit switch systems, the new DES 10+ (④) will detect (⑤) the rotation angle of the limit switch shaft and transmit this information to the controller to determine the position of the door via the RS-485 interface*.

Additional interfaces for recording other measurement values become available, including:
- Oil and ambient temperature (⑥+⑦)
- Vibration (⑧)
- Internal bus interface for added sensors, such as for forces or torques (⑨)

This data can be evaluated with the controller, type: TS 971+ (⑩) that will be available in the future.

* Both 4-byte and 2-byte safety protocols and thus compliant with standard EN ISO 13849-1:2015 including Performance Level C



The new limit switch DES 10+ can be used on all drives from GfA (⑪) in the future. Exceptions are drives with delay, model: SG40 and drives for Ex applications**.

The first drives with a less equipped DES 10 variant have already been produced and applied from 08/2022. These units do not yet have any added functions in line with DES 10+.

** Applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.



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