Set SE14.80-25,40 ER FI DES, cable 7m, TS970, Pneumatic Switch (DW)

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SKU S67.2223.1114
Shaft diameter (Ø) 25,40 mm
Control TS970
Security DW-Switch
Mounting position SG 50E
Limit switch range 20
IP value 65
Cable length 7.000 mm
Couple 140 Nm
Max. door weight 600 kg
Grid frequency 50/60 Hz
Emergency control Emergency disconnect ON
Openings / hour 30
Spiral cable set 30-100-160
Temperature range +5 °C...+40 °C
Opening speed 10-80 min-1
Close speed 10-30 min-1
Type of limit switch DES
Power supply motor 1N~ 230 Vac / 3~ 230 Vac
Supply voltage 1N~ 230 Vac